How To Visit Syria (Independently! – 2019)

Usually, obtaining a visa to Syria is notoriously difficult, especially if you do not book a costly tour with one of the few travel agencies that operate there.  However, a friend of mine, who lives in Syria, is offering to sponsor people who wish to visit the country independently.

Me in the Ummayad Mosque, Damascus, with friends, in November 2018.

How we get the visa for you: By using this person as a reference for your visa application, you will be able to get a Syrian visa at a Syrian embassy abroad, or at the border crossings with Lebanon and Jordan. Visa on arrival, however, must be pre-arranged. In order for a Syrian visa to be issued, security clearance has to be approved from Damascus. My friend in Syria will ensure that this goes smoothly.

Details about the visa: You’ll be allowed to stay in Syria for 16 days on such a visa, and you will be free to travel to Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Tartous, Latakia, and other places which do not require an additional permit. You may travel as you wish – using public transport or otherwise. You may be able to extend the visa validity upon arrival in Syria.

Price: The cost of this visa is unfortunately high, however. This is due to the high costs on our part. 600 USD will be charged, per person. If there multiple people applying, then a discount may be discussed.

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