A Travel Vlog To Unusual Destinations

“Travelling The Unknown” is a YouTube travel vlog regarding unusual or less visited destinations, where people might know little about, or have the wrong impressions. These tend to be places that the media misrepresents, or omits completely! I am also open to writing travel articles for other websites.

I will be running a 7-day tour to Syria in January 2019, costing 1300 USD. For more information about my Syria tour, click this link.

My travels include North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and other places! This blog is about places that most would not consider holiday destinations, and places where most people would not go.

Below are some of my docuvlogs, as well as other travel-related videos I’ve uploaded on YouTube.

My goal, when travelling, is to experience and understand local life. I want to learn about culture, lifestyles, languages and peoples to the fullest. When reading my blogs or watching my videos, I hope to give you an insight into local life.

Below is an interactive map of the countries which I’ve blogged about. It won’t work on some smart phones unless desktop view is on.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my posts/destinations, or if you’d like me to write an article for you.