January 2020 Syria Tour!

Usually, obtaining a visa to Syria is notoriously difficult, especially if you do not book a costly tour with one of the few travel agencies that operate there.  However, I will soon be running a tour to Syria in early January, where I’ll be able to keep the costs down due to people joining me. The tour will start and finish in Beirut, Lebanon. The tour will be for 7 days/6 nights, including accommodation, transport, guides, visa support and more. There’s also a high chance you’ll be able to get a free visa at the border.

Here’s a vlog about my latest trip to Syria:

PRICE = 1300 USD (Single Supplement = 350USD)

Where we will visit:

Damascus, Maaloula, Krak De Chevaliers, Homs, Palmyra (recently opened up) and Bosra Al Sham (recently opened up!).

For security reasons, the exact tour dates and a detailed itinerary have been omitted from this website.

For a much more detailed itinerary with specific dates, please contact:

Email: xavier@travellingtheunknown.com           WhatsApp: +96897694498


Refund Policy:

*A cancellation fee of 50USD will be charged, regardless of when you cancel*

The deposit will be refunded in full (except for the 50USD cancellation fee) if you cancel the tour by the 15th of November.

50% of the deposit will be refunded if you cancel the tour by the 1st of December.

None of the deposit will be refunded if you cancel the tour later than the 1st of December.